Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who were you!?!

Just a quickie...

Today I am driving back to the shop after fininshing up a job... I'm shooting the shit with this new guy that I'm woking with. Car stuff. Good conversation.

As I'm driving, I notice this red pickup with this beautiful brunette driving right along side me. She is looking over like she knows me. Not the changing lanes glance, or the "you cut me off a-hole" glare. But the kind of look that you give someone when you kinda recognize them and wanna say something. She notices my focus shift fom my conversation and take a glance at her... She snaps her head back and takes off. WTF was that?!? Did she know me? Who was that?!? Was it Jeni? The girl that I foolishly let get away soo many years ago? I can't even remember her face anymore...

This stupid little 5 second experience has my mind racing. Who was she!?!


Blogger Bite Me said...

Chicks just dig you man. :-)

12:06 AM  
Blogger BP said...

Yeah, every once in a blue moon...

She was friggin hot.

Definitely wanted to have sex with me.

Oh yeah.


1:00 AM  

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