Thursday, June 08, 2006

MTV Movie Awards

I've found out a couple of things so far...

Kate Beckinsale is still a f'n goddess. I flipped it on by my computer and I see this smoking hot ass. The actress turns and look who, Kate Beckinsale. Yummy.

Gnarls Barkly is weird and I like it. I saw them perform on Conan a little while ago but I forgot to look them up. They just played on the movie awards. Very cool sound. Kinda like Moby but not as techno. The singer also has a cool Al Green kinda voice.

It needed to be in HD!!!!!!!! I'm sick of standard definition. I'm also sick of having to pay a premium for high definition. Start a trend MTV. Start broadcasting in HD and make the cable companies carry it with standard definion MTV.


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