Tuesday, July 11, 2006


BM's recent post prompted this one...

I often wonder about my decisions:

Why haven't I filled out the paperwork to get my diploma (which is 3 YEARS overdue)?
Why am I doing nothing to loose weight?
Why am I still in debt?
Why am I still at the same mindless job that I was 7 years ago?
When am I going to meet a girl and finally get some friggin pussy?

Besides the last one, these are all things that I'm just ignoring or have put off. "I'll do it tomorrow", I tell myself. That been going on for years.

I just need to dig into the paperwork to get my diploma. But I don't. 2 years of my life that only require a few hours to complete, and I just put it off.

I haven't ridden my bike on a regular basis for over 2 years. It's f'd up and needs to be repaired. I just keep putting it off.

I know that I need to stop spending money on random shit for my various projects. But I don't. My credit card bill just seems to never drop below $2k.

I keep going to the same job and complaining about it. I can do it easily and it pays well but I'm not getting anywhere. I'm also not taking night classes or trying to get any certifications, all which would help me get a better job. But I don't.

I haven't been with a woman in soo long, I'm almost becoming afraid of being intimate. Someone "my age" will be expecting a very experienced guy, which I'm not. I guess it's still all about confidence. I'll worry about it once I actually have something to worry about.


Blogger Bite Me said...

That's it! Let's make some changes, I think I'm gonna bring that projector home this week. Now get yer ass in gear and finish that paperwork!

8:52 AM  

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