Friday, June 23, 2006

Hotel life and motivation

Right now I'm typing away laying on my hotel bed. It's really nice having free internet but other than that, it sucks.

Crappy bed, crappy pillows, shitty TV that doesn't work right. Eating greasy shit at restaurants all the time.

To add to that, work has been royally screwed up. We are working at a courthouse. A half-dozen rooms all with their own schedules. One day we can start at 9am, the next day it's 2:30pm. AND I'm stuck here without a vehicle. I have a massive 15ft truck that must stay parked on the jobsite. I can't even drive around and do stuff.

The last few days have been REALLY warm. It is also a college town with HOT women EVERYWHERE. I'd love to go to the beach and drool over the hotties but noooooooo I've gotta deal with this fucked up schedule. This brings me to motivation...

It Thursday and I already have 46 hours in. My other two co-workers are leaving and I'll be the only guy on-site tomorrow. I've been asked to "do what I can tomorrow." I don't want to do shit. I've worked my ass off all week in hot/humid rooms and I want to get the fuck out of here. It's also not going to be nice work tomorrow. It's going to be hauling around heavy/expensive shit, by myself, on a Friday. AND dealing with a fucked up system that a bunch of retards put in and I have to re-wire.

I probably won't get in trouble if I just left tomorrow morning. BUT I just can't. I have this work ethic that is very good despite my bitching.

It's just difficult to get motivated when you've worked your ass off and your co-workers are getting to enjoy a long weekend.


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I think you need a few drinks :)

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