Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm not paying for 128k.

I find it funny that people pay $1 per song for the equivalent of a cassette tape single. It may be digital but it's not anywhere near CD quality. 128k files are over 11 times smaller than a CD quality track. It's impossible to compress something that much without loosing ALOT of detail.

I will pay for a lossless audio file. That is a file that is as good as or better than a CD quality audio file. I'm still not going to pay $1 per track. That is a load of shit. You aren't getting a hard copy, and cover art, and you are limited to the number of "devices" that it will play on. The music companies, Apple, Napster, and all of the other online music retailers are making out like friggin bandits. They are charging you $1 to download 3 to 5 MB or data??? By that standard, my DSL line should cost me about $130,000 a month. (If I average a 2Mb/sec download speed, I can download 648,000MB in a month.)

People just don't understand what they are paying for.


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