Friday, June 30, 2006

It sucks but it will still be good.

I'm talking about Summerfest.

This year the station that runs the "Rock" stage has changed formats. They used to be a somewhat cool station that played modern and some new rock. But they changed. They now only play 80's shit. They were loosing market share to a near identical station. What do they do? They play the exact same music (only with less variety) as the competing station. WTF? Somebody explain that on to me.

Last year I saw...
and a bunch of toher that the beer won't let me remember

This year there is...

Um, yeah. One local band. Everything else is old crap.

The lineup this year consists of (to name a few) Jackal, Everclear, Candlebox, Trapt, POD, and Seether. All old crap. Nothing new.

I wanna see...
Danko Jones
System of a Down
Sevendust (they never got old, and kick royal ass live)
Lacuna Coil
Moorish Idol

Here's the e-amil that I sent to the station earlier this year...

I'm truly afraid of the Summerfest lineup this year. Your programming change leads be to believe that it will be filled with hair-band garbage. There are already three stages dedicated to music for the old folks. We don't need one more. I, and my friends, would go to Summerfest 6+ days just to stand at your stage in the past. Last year's lineup was pathetic. It was mostly a copy of the previous year. Please don't do this again. There are plenty of bands that I know people would come to see...

Danko Jones, Celldweller, Cocksmiths, Flyleaf, Moorish Idol, Lacuna Coil, RA, Nonpoint, Sevendust

Please don't pussy out. Do some legwork and get some good bands. Somebody should be shot if "Bret Michaels" is allowed on stage again as a headliner.

I kind of wonder if they would even have the Cocksmiths this year if I hadn't said something.

Oh yeah, even though the music will kind of suck this year, there still will be hot women EVERYWHERE. ;)


Blogger Bite Me said...

Damn birds shutting off the power so I can't go see BOC. Now go get drunk and pick up hotties!! Listen to MG!!

5:50 PM  

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