Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Today is going WAY too well. On my way to work my Contour got angry at me. She was running on fumes. When I nailed the gas to get out of my apartment complex, she bogged...not good... (This happens when my fuel pump tries to pump air into my motor and not gas. I don't have one of those air powered 'tours, so it doesn't work too well.) When this happened, it also woke me right up. You see, I live on an insanely busy stretch of road. I think that it would challenge most NASA engineers to find an exit window of more than 10 seconds to get my car outta the lot. I could see a couple of jackasses rounding the bend at about 50mph. As soon as the teaspoon of gas that was left in my tank sloshed back forward, she took off like a bat outta hell. Ahh, all better. My Sony proceeded to pick some kick-ass tunes. This consisted of:

Kittie - In Winter
Kidneythievs - Before I'm Dead
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction

All GREAT wake up tunes. Plus, it's always nice to hear a sexy female voice (or two) in the morning.

When I got to work NJ told me that Strongbad had some new email's. SWEET!

If you haven't heard of Strongbad, you've gotta check it out. It's friggin hilarious. Zae, one of the hottest women that I've ever had the pleasure talking to, told me about Strongbad a while ago. (The webcam doesn't do her justice.)

My favorites:
New Hands
Lunch Special

The coolest part is that you can click on random stuff in the cartoon. (Try it at the end.)

The rest of the day went by pretty quick. Also, I finally have all of the parts together to finish my room lights. I'm gonna see if I get it all up tonight. I'll have to post some pics to show you what the heck I'm talking about.


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