Monday, August 08, 2005

Fast Lane to loosing my business.

I have come to respect online reviews. I check out the awesome before I buy from someone. I found some good prices on some computer parts at Tiger Direct. Here's how my experience has gone so far...

I placed my order last Sunday. It took forever to "Process". On Wednesday they told me that one of the items was backordered and that my shipment was on hold.

**First screwup - When I ordered everything they said that it was in stock.**

Thursday and Friday pass without any progress. I am starting to get pissed. Saturday rolls around and low and behold, my order has shipped! ...well most of it... They also go to say that my order shipped on the 1st. Bullshit!!!

**Second Screwup - Tell me you shipped it when in fact you didn't ship it until four days later.**

My UPS tracking number confirms that they didn't ship it until the 5th. Lying pieces of crap.

I received my order today but it was missing the processor. F'n great. I go online and the status is still backordered with no ETA. The kicker is now that if I click on the processor, it shits me out on a link to a different inferior processor. OH HELL NO!!! You don't screw up my order then sub some piece of crap!

**Third and Fourth screwups - Put a part on backorder with you said was IN STOCK then try to substitute what I wanted with a low grade piece of shit.**

I just sent them an email stating that I either need the processor that I ordered in the first place by next week, or I need to cancel my order. Let's wait and see what happens.

Moral of the story: Don't buy from Tiger Direct.


Blogger Sassy said...

Hi! just wanted to say hi! :)

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Blogger Dee said...

Hey, that sucks about the flu during summerfest. My car broke down so I had to take the damn bus down there, but I still got to go to Chevelle, Story of the Year, and Seether...Oh, and, of course I saw Pat McCurdy...Anyway, come back and visit my blog...and good luck with your processor issues

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