Monday, June 20, 2005

Chicks and cars

I really shouldn't have. I spent more than double than what I said I was going to. I bought a new engine and tranny for my car today. Everything was set up just right. I couldn't pass it up. I got both bran-spanking new. The real kicker is that they are only an hour from my house. That kind of stuff just doesn't happen. The car gods don't offer this kind of thing more than once in a lifetime. There goes another $500. Doh!

The L situation is also kicking my ass more than ever. This is the first girl that I've "clicked" with in a VERY long time. Every time we've been out together it's been in a massive social setting. I just want to get her alone and see what's going on. I also feel some kind of loyalty towards my roommate. There's a certain "guy code" that whoever meets someone first has "dibs".

He gave me the "handoff" at first but then re-nigged on the deal. A "handoff" being that he told me there was a hot brunette that started working at his office that I've GOT TO MEET. I asked what she was like and he said she had an athletic bod and a nice butt. EXACTLY my type. My roommate likes short, big breasted blondes that smoke. The EXACT OPPOSITE of L.

Now he has decided to go after L. That is f'n bullcrap! I've been screwing around for far too long. I've just gotta talk to both of them and find out what the hell is going on. I'm sure that L is wondering why I haven't made a move by now. I don't want her to slip away.

Broke and sexually frustrated....weeeeeeeee!


Blogger NJ said...

As soon as you have an engine on a stand in your garage you're an official "gearhead". As for the babe, she'll decide who she likes best. Whatever aggreement you two have will be irrelevent. Let her know how you feel and see what happens.

7:26 AM  
Blogger BP said...

Woohoo, I'm a gearhead!!! I can;t wait until I have that puppy actually in my car. It's gonna rooooock!

As for L, I just gotta suck it up and make a move. If I don't ask, I'll never know.

7:44 PM  

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