Sunday, May 15, 2005

Broke n' Bored

WOW, I have NO freakin' money. I just paid my car insurance a few minutes ago. I think I've got about $25 to my name until Wednesday (payday). When when I do get paid I really need to send pretty much everything to pay off my credit card bill.

I even had to resort to drinking beer when I went out on Friday. BEER I TELL YOU!! The humanity!!! LOL! It was a good thing I was actually winning at pool. A nice side effect of not downing Jack & Coke all night long. ;)

I really do hate being broke. All of my hobbies involve spending WAY too much money. I actually cleaned this weekend. I can see my bedroom floor and I've got some space on my workbench. I also found where my cleaning toothbrushes were. (They've been missing since I moved.) It was driving me nuts because when I was cleaning my intakea while ago, I didn't have my toothbrushes. Toothbrushi? es? i? Idunno.

I did spend money this weekend, which I shouldn't have. It was for a good thing, I swear! Shelves. Yep. A glorious plastic shelving unit. All so that I get some crap out of my bedroom and make better use of my garage. Even trying to be good costs money. Which bring me to another thing...

I've been thinking ALOT about selling things on Ebay. More specifically cables. I have checked out a few sellers on Ebay that are selling AV cables. They are very similar to the cables that NJ and I make every day. The incredible thing is that the Ebay sellers are charging 40% over cost. Subtracting parts and shipping, I could make $20 per set of cables. That adds up really quick. Which brings up a question...

How much can a person sell before a certain government notices? If I'm selling 5-10 set of cables a week, that could mean $400 to $800 a month. OMG that would kick ass.

The initial cash outlay isn't that bad either. I already have all of the tools, all that I would need is the parts.

Making an extra $5k a year would be like a $2.40/hr raise. That would be really nice.


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