Monday, May 09, 2005

Leave me the fuck alone.

This is what was running through my mind as my "manager" was bitching at me on Friday. I say "manager" because he pretty much just made himself the manager of our department one day. There's three people, so one person must be the manager right? Whatever. It wouldn't be soo bad but he tries to do as little as possible. Lately, we have been pretty slow. We've been doing crap work and helping out the other departments. By "we", I mean NJ and I. Our "manager" will make one of his three weekly trips to Sam's club, or somewhere else to do personal shopping on company time. Meanwhile spending all of the rest of the time browsing the internet. Oh wait, I almost forgot, he does go out and do a shitty job on a service call or two. It's really sad. When NJ and I went back to finish up one of our "manager's" service calls, we were greeted with broken parts and missing hardware. It looked like he had just ripped the piece of equipment out of it's mount. God forbid he spend the extra 5 minutes and do it the right way. I guess that it all comes down to work ethic. He barely has any.

I've been working since I was 13. I've always been taught to do the best that I can at everything that I do. I always have. No matter what I'm doing, I will teach myself everything about it. How can I do this better and faster?

I also own everything that I have. The only thing that I've ever gotten from my parents was $5k for college. I worked and paid for everything else during my 4 years of college. I'm amazed by how other people have managed to piss this incredibly valuable opportunity away. Three people that I work with were given a free ride to very good colleges. Do any of them have anything to show for it? NO. Can you frigging believe that!!! I would have died to have my education totally paid for. I'm pretty sure that if I had a bachelor's, that I would be much better off. Employer's still look at an Associate's Degree from a tech college as being a little more than nothing. It's really sad.

The one other thing that our "manager" said was that we needed to be more positive to the salesmen and not be soo intimidating. Ummm, no. If someone does a half-ass job and comes to me to figure out their fuck-up, I'm not going to do it without giving them grief. Especially if that person is making 3X what I am, and the only reason that they are doing it half-assed is to make an extra buck. Fuck you.

[2 paragraphs have been removed along with some minor editing. I just couldn't leave them. I'm not that mean.]

Holy crap, I need a new job.


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