Saturday, October 15, 2005

Glutton for punishment

I just spent another $10 on powerball. I shouldn't have. I should spend it on more constructive things like a tapered drift punch. (Which I needed to install my power steering pump.) But instead I bought both. (I'm kinda drunk so I applejizz.)

There are many things that I could type right now. Like how I love L's sweet sexy ass, and how I still haven't been on a date in WAAAAAY too long. But drunk blogging is bad. So I'm just gonna go looke at prOn or something.

Did I ever tell you that whe is smoking hot and like cars? Mmmmmmmm. OK what was I doing? Oh yeah, porn, that's right.

BTW, did you know that Jennifer Espizito (no ficking clue on how to spell that one) has incredible nipples? I just got done watching Crash and she has a partial nude scene. Incredibly yummy.


Blogger NJ said...

I think my typing was better in my drunk post. Though yours was equally entertaining.

8:39 AM  

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