Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Teases are evil.

OK, I kinda forgot about the Ella's Deli hottie. I had the pleasure of going out on Friday and drinking with my roomate's co-worker L. (It was me, my roomate, L, Tom, and eventually L's ex.) I've blogged about her in the past. I think that she's a grade-a cutie. She also likes to torture me. Not physically but mentally.

When we were in the bar talking, she was saying how she got a new computer. I asked her if it was a Dell, HP, etc. She says, "No, my dad built it." She goes on to say how it has a 2.8Ghz Pentium with hyperthreading, not the Prescott. Whoa. Again, as I've said in the past, I'm amazed by a hottie that speaks geek. I was blown away.

Later at another bar, she goes on to say that she sleeps nude. WTF?!? My mind went blank for a few seconds after that to process the incredible mental imagery. I mean, WOW! I can just imagine that incredible ass covered only by a satin sheet. ..drool..

I know she is probably just saying this stuff just to screw with me. Which makes me wonder... Is it good to hang out with a tease? I like it because she is smoking hot and gives things for me to think about during the week. But it also kills me because I know that I probably have a snowball's chance in hell with her.

She also keeps weird company. She has this friend Tom who is like her friggin shadow. From talking to my roommate, it sounds like Tom REALLY likes L, but she isn't interested. He went to school for the same thing that she currently is, and he helps her with her homework. By help, I mean that he is there ALL DAY while she does stuff. To me, that sounds really weird. Also, he just moved to an apartment which is only a couple of blocks away from L. Very creepy.

L also lives in the same apartment as her ex (an two other's, it's a four bedroom place). I don't know if they were still seeing each other when they moved in together. I don't think that they were. Which is even more bizarre. Also, her ex was saying how they are still having sex. (he showed up at the bar, I guess he was a regular there) I don't know if that was just bullcrap, or if it was true. I guess that if she isn't seeing anyone, and there is already somebody who knows the turf, why not. Fuck buddies can be good. But your ex in the same apartment? I dunno, it still makes me wonder.

As usual, after the night was over, I went home thinking of a billion different things that I should have said. I suck at small talk and hindsight is 20/20. ...sigh...


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