Sunday, August 21, 2005

Spinning my wheels.

In less than 8 hours I'm going to have a nasty meeting with a few of the people that I work with. I've been dreading it since I heard about it Friday morning. There are people that aren't doing their job on a very large project. It is something where everyone should be putting in 110% but they are blowing things off and putting in about 30%. It's a bad situation. This has got me thinking about things...

Why the hell am I still doing this crap? I started out at another company 6 years ago doing the exact same thing that I'm doing right now. I moved through the ranks and got into a decent position, then the company want bankrupt. I was on unemployment for a while then accepted my current job because it paid a decent amount and was a job. That was last summer.

For the last month my job has been absolutely miserable. I wake up and dread going into work. I know that it will be the same BS over and over. Nobody listens and nothing changes for the better. ...sigh...

I'm 28 and should be climbing the corporate ladder, saving up to buy a new car and a house. Meanwhile I feel stranded. I still have a $3k credit card debt and have barely the bare minimum my bank allows in my saving account. I just can't seem to get ahead.

I know that I should stop all work on my car and any of my other projects. That would definitely help the money problem. It wouldn't help to my other problem...being miserable. When I'm working on my car or computer I forget about my work headaches.

I guess I just need to get focused. Start working out. Loose weight. Look for a new job. Find a cute girl. Buy a new car. Get out of this money pit of an apartment. I've gotta get my shit together!!!

Sometimes it helps to think outloud.


Blogger Dee said...

I know whatcha mean...Trust me, ya don't make much off of bein a teacher. As a side comment, how come u never have any pictures of you on here? You should do that...Anyway catcha later...Oh, what happened, you don't comment on my blog anymore :( hehe

9:29 PM  
Blogger BP said...

Hi Dee,
There's a picture. You just can't see it right this second because my photo host is down. If you click on my March posts and scroll down, you can check me out. ;)

As for the no commenting... I have a tendancy to lurk when I'm feeling down. I still like to read about what's going on with people, just not post.


10:07 PM  

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