Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's busted.

For no reason last night my computer decided to crash...and never come back. It is now in this death loop of starting, crashing, and re-booting. I've tried to enter Safe Mode and it just crashes and re-boots. I've tried Last Known Good Configuration. F'n nada. Don't you love Windows?

I'm currently typing this from my HTPC (home theatre PC). I really shouldn't complain. I have way too many computers for any one person. 7 at last count. Only 4 are currently in working order. ...make that three. I also really can't complain because I haven't paid for a version of Windows in 8 years. (All gifts, I swear.)

It just kills me that the last good OS that Microshaft released was Windows 98SE. It is impossible to kill. Where Windows 2000 and XP will eventually die and need to be deleted and re-installed, you can just reload Win 98SE. I had 98SE on my car computer a few years back and whenever the thing would get screwed up soo bad that it wouldn't boot, I'd just throw in the 98SE install disc. Reload 98SE and 30mins later everything was back up and running. All of my apps were still installed and they all ran. Friggin' amazing.

So for now I'm stuck with no e-mail, no links, and no music. ...blah... I'm pretty sure that it's either my video card or power supply that is causing the problem. I'm having a shitty time at work and this happening is just another blow to the family jewels.

Ladies, feel free to cheer me up and send some hot pics to my gmail account

Yeah, that's the ticket. ;)


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