Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sin City.

I decided to relax tonight and go rent a movie. To my surprise Blockbuster had a couple copies of the shiny new Sin City movie in stock. It was what the doctor ordered. Ass kicking and beautiful women. Make that incredibly beautiful women. And to top it all off, it was one of the best movies the I've seen in a long time.

It was a awesome combination of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Even though Tarantino was only a guest director it sure felts ALOT like it was all him doing this movie. (I still want to check out the making of.) There were multiple plot lines all going on at once. It was great. It's definitely not one for the kids. Way too much T&A and blood 'n guts. It kept my interest the whole time. I think I've been through a good 40 movies since I've seen one this well put together.

If you like Tarantino's style and are in the mood for some whoopass, go get it.

I've gotta find out who the parole officer babe was...absolutely incredible. The most perfect combination of high heels and a thong. WOW.

BTW, I didn't do jack on my computer. Oh well. Did I mention that I'm typing this while watching High Definition TV on my other monitor. Life's rough. ;)


Blogger BP said...

I didn't feel like starting another post...

My computer's fixed! It was a bad stick of ram that was causing all of my problems. Woohoo!

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