Sunday, October 02, 2005

I love my EDTV.

No, not that shitty movie with Matthew McConaughey! My Extended Definition TeleVision.

About four years ago I bought a RCA mm36100 EDTV. I got an awesome deal. About $700 off list because it was an open box item and my company couldn't return it. Anywho...

I just got finished watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. While I was watching it, I had my HTPC record Austin City Limits with Sheryl Crow on PBS-HD. Talk about some in-freakin-credible video. The footage was shot at night with just the stage lights for illumination. The one thing about HDTV is the incredibly saturated colors. It was amazing to see the light that the dichroics in the robotic lights were kicking out. WOW. On top of it all, because my TV had a good 2 hour warm-up period, the black detail was jaw dropping. Even though there were 2000 watt lights streaking across the audience, you could still pick out the wind blowing the leaves on the dimly lit trees in the background. WOW..again. If you have never seen HDTV on a CRT monitor or CRT video projector, please do so. Don't go to your local Best Buy/Circuit Chitty to do it. Go to a high end home theatre dealer. You will learn what the HD in HDTV is all about.

That brings me to another thought... You may have asked yourself earlier what the hell a EDTV is. A EDTV is a lower grade of HDTV. At the time $1200 could only get me to EDTV level. My RCA can only do 800x600 tops. A new true HDTV can do 1920x1440. Roughly 6 times the resolution. It's amazing what 5 years of technological advances can do.

BTW, for any tech geeks reading... yes I said 1920x1440 not 1920x1080. I'm talking 4:3 not 16:9. Considering that 97% of all programming is 4:3, I don't see much point in purchasing a 16:9 set. BTW, if you buy a 16:9 set, you will just burn the tube anyway. If you bought a nice shiny 16:9 plasma and watch TV with black bars on the sides, you should be shot. You just pissed away $4k. Throw in a movie with tons of bright white scenes like Fargo. See how the middle of the image is darker than the sides? You burned the phosphor on your TV. That's why it's stupid to buy a 16:9 format TV. (Yes DMD and LCD are somewhat immune to these problems)

The moral of the story: HDTV fucking rocks.

I also decided to talk about this because I REALLY want to get a HDTV setup in my bedroom. Do I have the cash to do that? No. Will I do it anyway? Probably. ;)

Cool song I was just listening to: Caress by Pzycho Bitch
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Now that I have a computer that can handle HD Ihave to get that tuner card! HD on my 70 inch screen will kick ass!

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