Monday, September 05, 2005

Jones'in for some Danko

On Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing the best concert EVER. NJ, my roommate, and myself went to see Danko Jones at a small local bar called Mad Planet. Everything about Danko was kickass. The sound and stage presence were incredible. I have never been to a concert that sounded soo damn good. It was truely amazing.

I've seen Nonpoint quite a few times. They played twice in the Rave Basement. With 4X the gear and I'm sure 8X the equipment, Danko still sounded better. I would even say it rivals my all time favorite concert... Megadeth. In the fall of '01 after the 9-11 attacks, Megadeth played in the Rave. It was 3 hours of audio kickassedness. Sound quality, stage presence, audience, everything.

My only regret was not getting the band's signatures. I should have gone with NJ but instead I was making an attempt to sober up. I'm still kicking myself for it. I have a feeling the next time that I get a chance to see them, they will be HUGE. NJ even got a chance to talk with them enough to hear them say "aboot" a few times. LOL! Kickass Canuks.

Bottom line... If you like rock, go see Danko. You will not regret it.

BTW, I ended skipping out of work on Friday. That shaved 8 hours of OT off of my check. I will have to make due with 46 hours of OT on this upcoming check. LOL!


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