Saturday, February 11, 2006

Not feeling it.

It's 12:30 and I'm back from the bars already. I just didn't feel like sitting around and sucking in smoke stench anymore. There were some cute ladies around, but anyone that looked interesting was already with some dipshit.

I did learn how to drive stick tonight. How cool is that?!? I've been joking with L that she should teach me stick and let me drive her car. Tonight she was all, "We're doing it!" She was actually serious. I was kinda nervous because she has a new VW Anniversary Edition Rabbit. I really didn't want to do something dumb and break something.

She backed it out (we were in a parking lot so that was good). I hopped in and didn't kill it once. My main problem was that I was wearing my big heavy Sketchers. I really couldn't feel the pedals very well. It was also weird getting out of the habit of putting my right hand on the steering wheel. I only drove it a few miles on some relatively quiet road, but it was still fun.

I think that's kinda why I'm not in the mood to get stupid drunk. I wanna learn more! And getting to hang out with L is always a plus. I peeked and tonight she had on this tiny hot pink thong. Unfortunately there's no chemistry between us. It's a struggle just to get some small talk going. Oh well. I still like to see her just to drool over her incredible body.

...the somewhat drunken rambling continues...

I'm also kinda excited and worried about this weekend. I met this brunette cutie at Summerfest a couple/three years ago. Right off the bat there was some good chemistry. We hung out for a couple hours talking and goofing around. She was a little stand-off-ish everytime I would try to get her phone number or email addy. I found out later from my roommate's sister that she was maybe 18. I couldn't believe it. I never would have guessed. Since then I have run into her a couple/few times at the Rave (where I'm going this weekend). The last time that I saw her was at the last Summerfest back in July. She was looking even hotter. We talked and goofed around all night again AND I got her phone number. (She wrote it on my arm with a marker.) BUT I got hosed down with some beer later and it made it very hard to read. I wussed out and didn't even try. I'm hoping that I run into her again tonight for one more shot. Did I mention that she is a brunette, has incredible blue eyes, and likes rock? Can't get much better.


Blogger NJ said...

Holy shit!! Two posts in one day!! Brunette hotties, stickshifts and beer! Sounds like a great weekend sofar. BTW, I got my projector up and running in time to watch the olympics.

11:03 AM  

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