Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I just got a flyer from Directron.com advertising the MP3onChannel. It is a little device that plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car. It has a USB port on the back which accepts a USB memory stick. Once you plug in your USB stick, you can play any MP3s on it to your car's FM radio. Pretty cool, huh?

What kills me is that it's $27, and you can get a 1GB USB memory stick for $30. Apple wants you to pay $125 for their device which has less features. Why!?! Just because it is cute, shiny, and white? I hate that. Companies charging an assload of money just because they can. There is absolutely no reason that Apple couldn't offer the 1GB iPod Shuffle for $50 or less. They are just a bunch of greedy a-holes.

Check out this article that I found on HardOCP's site. Apple is going to pay $1.25 billion over the next three months to memory makers to make sure that they have enough flash memory through 2010. Yes, that BILLION with a "B", and yes it says 2010. I am astounded by this level of greed. Reason number 4052 why I will NEVER buy any products with the Apple name on it.

Thus ends my rant for the day. :)


Blogger NJ said...

I will NEVER buy an ipoooped, Apple can lick my scrote. $400 for 50bucks worth of parts, the part that kills me are the dumbasses lining up to buy them.

6:32 PM  

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