Sunday, October 30, 2005

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I just received the following email from a friend...

"Is everybody happy?? Looking to hire someone as install lead or even freelancer, spread the word. Let me know how your doing."

This hits me at a very interesting time. I haven't updated my blog in a while because I've been pretty miserable. My job royally sucks. With the exception of NJ, I work with a bunch of idiots. I'm getting really tired and want to find something new. Also, I'm 4 months overdue for a review/raise. Here is what is bouncing around in my head right now:

If I don't get a decent raise, I should go.
If the retards don't shape up, I should go.
My drivetime will almost double.
The installs at the new place would be simpler, which I hate. I like a challenge.
The equipment would be of better quality, which I like.
I would have seniority over any other installer at the new place.
What's the quality of cable/connectors at the new place?
What kind of tools/vehicles are provided at the new place?
Should I leave my current job only after 16 months for another job that I'm not planning on staying at for much longer?
Will an employer see two 1-year jobs on my resume and red flag me?
The new place doesn't do professional video or Cable TV systems, which I love.
I would be working with two people that I already have worked with for 5 years.
Should I just stay at my current job and study up for a computer/IT job?

Just a few of the decisions that came to mind.

I guess it comes down to how much of a raise that I get from my current company vs how much the new place is willing to pay. I think that the owner of the company is back in town next week.


Blogger MG said...

NJ linked you in his post, so of course just out of curiosity, I had to come over... agreeing with him, your drunk post, was pretty good... I completely forget about my blog when I'm drunk, i need to work on that, I'd like to get up the next day and go WTF??? when I read my blog...

1:37 PM  
Blogger BP said...

Thanks MG. That's the problem with leaving my computer on. When I get home from the bars, I figure, why not? I'm pretty good at policing myself.

It is pretty funny to see what exactly you wrote while under the influence. LOL!


11:45 PM  

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