Saturday, July 15, 2006

Money pit.

Do you hear that? It's a couple of devious fucks tunneling towards my money pit. Here's a photo of each of them...

The top one is a Jackson Racing M62 Supercharger. It was originally meant for a Ford SVT Focus but I could relatively easily modify it to fit my Ford Contour. The supercharger sells for $3100 new. There is a guy selling the one in the picture for $1300 or best offer. 150 extra hosrepower is REALLY hard to pass up especially when it is less than half of the original cost.

The lower picture is of a Ford Contour that has a 2.0L Zetec engine and a manual transmission. I have been watching the local classifieds and ebay for two years now looking for one of these. Now one has shown up. According to Kelly Blue Book, it should go for $775 in good condition or $975 in excellent condition. Right now the bid is at just over $800. I want it. It would be THE perfect project car for over the winter. A whole friggin' car in good shape for less than a grand!

I have a couple of big decisions to make over the next 24 hours. Do I want to screw myself and undo all of the paying off of my credit card over the last six months... or do I want to have a wholla lotta fun and enjoyment that these two items would bring me over the next year or two.


BTW, I completely missed out on FU Friday. Doh!


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