Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I want TRUE high definition!!!

I was really happy to get my HDTV setup running again. Unfortunately greed has ruined that. The major networks have decided that their shitty weather channels must be on 24/7. That means that they are stealing bandwidth from their "true" HDTV programming. This is fucking bullshit. They take video that is shot on $150k cameras, and compressed on a $300k encoder and fuck it up. A native high definition signal runs at 1,485Mbps. It is compressed down to 19.8Mbps. This is a reduction of SEVENTY FIVE TIMES!!!

The local networks are taking that already EXTREMELY compressed 19.8Mbps signal and throwing away data that they THINK they don't need. Idiots! You need it all!!!!
God forbid they could shut off their bandwidth stealing subchannels during primetime. Oh no, the weather weenies might complain.

The other kicker is that the local NBC affiliate is using a process called Statisical Multiplexing. That means that they change the bitrate on the fly. This is something that was never in the original ATSC standard. Guess what? Lots of HDTVs and HD decoders take a crap with a signal like that. INCLUDING MINE!!!

Every few seconds I get to enjoy a frozen picture and other digital garbage. Thanks you greedy fucks!

Right now they are dropping the bitrate on their primary channel to 13mbps. That is a ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN time data reduction. If it takes a $300k encoder to compress it 75 times, what makes them think that a $20k encoder can compress it almost twice as much?!?

I guess that very few people have seen true high definition. It is absolutely amazing.

I can't wait until I can afford a 1080p display and a Blue-Ray/HD-DVD player.


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