Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why doesn't GE make Semi Trucks?

It's the perfect logical progression. The have made diesel-electric locomotives for decades now. They are very efficient, can haul incredible loads, and have tons of power.

The biggest and and most inefficient trucks on the highway today are semi trucks. Just think about it. Strap a deisel engine to a generator. Take a traction motor out of a locomotive and attach it directly to the rear wheels. Moving 50 tons would be nothing.

People are talking about electronic valve timing and other technologies to make diesels cleaner.

I guess that this idea still wouldn't be perfect until someone comes out with a cheap ultrapacitor. That way you could use regenerative braking and really save a ton of cash.

BTW, I was doing some research on electric cars the other day...

750watts = 1HP

200HP = 150kW

If you have a battery pack that can supply 384 volts, you still need 392 amps. WOW.

I was checking around and a AC motor controller that can handle 150kW cost $15k. Ouch.

For an interesting movie and a informative website, check this out...

Who Killed The Electric Car


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