Friday, May 04, 2007

Save Internet Radio!!!

I may become and even unhappier young man on May 15th. The RIAA and the government want to impose insane fees on internet radio broadcasters. That means that the current 5000+ stations out there will probably drop to 50 or less....if not kill it all together. Please check out this site...

The RIAA just doesn't get it. How are we supposed to hear new music when the local stations DON'T PLAY ANY?!?! I've probably bought 95% of my music in the last year because of hearing it on internet radio.

They are really pissed because there are programs out there that let your rip the station's to individual MP3s. You may want to let a friend listen to an awesome song that you heard. God Forbid! I mean that might generate music sales. ...friggin idiots...

If you don't listen to internet radio, give it a try, you may just hear something that you like. My favorite stations...

Rock'One - Paris - Rock/Alternative

Radio Wazee - Rock/Alternative

Chronix Aggression - Rock/Metal

Radio Paradise - Alternative

Creamy Radio - Alternative

BeatBlender by SomaFM - Techno

Groove Salad by SomaFM - Techno

Digital Gunfire - Techno/Industrial

RantRadio Punk

RantRadio Industrial

Radio That Doesn't Suck - Rock/Metal

Fiksz Radio - Rock - Whole Albums and B-Sides - Stuff you NEVER hear

If the stations don't play for you, download Winamp. Just get the Lite version.

To see what is playing in a nice window, right-click on the main window and select "Playlist Editor."


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