Monday, January 01, 2007

That's gonna leave a mark.

Tonight , while working on my car, I dented my fender with my face. Not my head, my friggin' face. The only thing that I could do was let out a good "Mutha-fucka!!!" and then start laughing. I even snapped a photo. (I'll have to post it later.) It's a nice sized dent.

I've really been killing myself to get all of these parts swapped. I'm having a good time though. My stupid cold is gone and the weather was only rainy for one day this weekend. I just wish that I could've finished it tonight. I'm guessing I have another good 8-10 hours left tomorrow after work. I'm guessing I already put in about 30 hours this weekend alone. A bit more than i had anticipated.

I also built this big-ass tool for removing my halfshaft from my hub. It's friggin nuts. It's gotta weigh a good 40lbs. I gotta post a pic of that too. ;)

Now I either need a massage from a hot readhead or to sit in a hottub for a couple hours. (Of course with a hot redhead, or maybe a cute brunette, or a sexy blonde.... LOL.)


Blogger NJ said...

Is it a "face shaped" dent? That would rock!

8:57 AM  

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