Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cats, Latex, and ??????

No this isn't about my fetishes. It's about my stupid allergies. ...although latex is an incredible way to show off the female form...

On Friday about lunchtime, I notice that the bottom of my foot is kinda swollen. Weird. By afternoon it is noticeably swollen and my middle finger is swollen. Weird with worry. I show a couple of the guys at work and kind of laugh it off. I go home and fall asleep after work on my couch. I wake up around 10 and go to stand. WTF!?!?!?! It feels like I'm standing on a blob made of fire. My right foot is completely swollen between the ball and the heel(where my arch used to be). My left foot is also starting to hurt a little. I also notice that my finger is swollen up like a couple of sausage links and it is all red. When I try to straighten it it hurts like a b!tch and the knuckles turn white. I also notice funky mosquito-bite-like itchy bumps. This is when I start to freak out. I chunk itchy swollen feet and hands into the good ol interweb and it comes up with nothing good. I do what any late-20s guy with no car and no girlfriend does...I call my Mom. Off to the emergency room...

I waddle into the WA ER and am quickly attended to. Everything seems to be going well. The nurse seems very attentive and asks a ton of questions. Then the doctor comes in. I don't know how new this fucking guy was but he had a big problem listening. I tell him the tale of my symptoms and the timeline. He checks out my hand and feet. He wanders off. When he comes back, he proceeds to tell my that I have planter fasciitis (NO f'n clue on how to spell that one) and an infected finger. He goes on to say that I should get special shoes for my feet. I object and say that I haven't been on my feet all week and have never EVER had a problem with foot pain. He goes on about shoe inserts and such. I say to him AGAIN how the swelling seems to have SPREAD to my other foot while sleeping and being COMPLETELY OFF MY FEET!!! He continues on not listening and says that he will be giving me an anti-biotic for the finger and an anti-inflammatory. Fine. I figure that the anti-biotic should help my finger and my foot. I go home.

(Keep in mind that Dr.Dumbass also completely ignored the itchy bumps)

I wake up in the morning and nothing much has changed. I figure that the anti-biotics have at least stopped the progress of whatever is going on. I am kept busy all morning and don't really pay attention. (I was getting DishTV installed.) Early afternoon I find myself pretty tired. (I didn't get much sleep the night before.) I go to sleep.

I wake up around 7 to this INSANE itching sensation in my left foot. I mean I can't stop itching. Every time I try to stop it feels like there are 1,000 ants under my skin. I clench my fists for what seemed like forever. The urge to itch fell off. I flip on my light to see what was wrong. In my insane itching bout, I didn't notice how much my hands hurt. Both of my hands looked I had puffy clown gloves on. Both of my feet and toes were swollen up. The top and bottom of my right foot had these half-dollar size mosquito-bite-like bumps. I freak out again...and call my Mom. Back to the ER...but not the same fucking one...

I check into the 'dert ER. Again the staff is very quick and helpful. I waddle into their Triage room and explain what has happened and my experience at the other ER. I am promptly escorted into a room. The doctor walks in and within 30 seconds says... "You're having and allergic reaction. You've got hives!"


He prescribed a couple of antibiotics and sent me on my way. Waddya know. In 24 hours I could walk again. I don't know why I ever accepted the original doctors assessment. I knew he was wrong. Now I'm going to have to pay for two ER bills.

I still don't know what set it off and it really bugs me. I'm scared to eat anything that I had been eating all last week. I'm scared to wear the shoes that I wore last week. I'm also worried about going back to work tomorrow. ...argh... Stupid allergies.

What a weekend.


Blogger M G said...

Dr Dumbass should pay you for your wasted time.

12:32 PM  
Blogger BP said...

This is one of those times that I wish I had a lawyer at my becon call. Not only did he waste my time but I missed two days of work because of it. I wish I could just tear the bill up (when it arrives that is).

10:16 PM  

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