Monday, January 22, 2007

Terabyte hard drive

OK, I've calmed down a bit since my last post. (It turns out that the local insurance person was flat out lying to me. I was contacted by the "total loss" depmartment" and was offered $2480 for my car. More than I could have ever wished for. Finally things appear to be getting better.) Anywho...

I was checking out one of my favorite geek sites,, and it looks like Hitachi has announced a 1TB hard drive. WOW. That's incredible. It's going to get to the point soon that the normal computer user will have more storage than they will ever need for the entire life of their computer.

I remember reading about Terraserver back in 2000 and being totally amazed. I mean over 1000 gigabytes of information, that was insane at the time. I was just looking around and found the original specs...

Each rack contains 4.5 tb, 261 total drives with a grand total of 13.7 TB.

The average joe now has the capability to do the same if he has a computer with the room for 14 hard drives. Friggin' amazing.


Blogger just some dude said...

You can put a lot of pron on that! Yes, I meant to spell it that way. Now you have enough money to get that supercharger in that car! Let's go drinking!

2:57 PM  
Blogger BP said...

I think the corrct incorrect spelling is prOn. LOL!

Yeah, I saw my dream car today too. MazdaSpeed6. ...drool... I'd never seen one up close 'til then. Now I REALLY want one.

I've got some work to do before the SC goes on. I've gotta get my junker up and running and I really need to get my project car in good running order. I'm 95% sure that the fuel pump, injectors, and cat are shot.

6:37 PM  

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