Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm gonna wait

I've been contemplating the whole internet radio/cell modem stuff over the past few days. The hardware that I would need to pull it off combined with the monthly fee is just too much.

I have changed my focus to a HDTV for my bedroom...

My old Panansonic 21" TV is really showing it's age. The sound is starting to cut out when it feels like it and the image looks like crap. I soon will have a dedicated HTPC computer for my bedroom. Currently I just have a HDTV card in my main computer but it doesn't work well with a multi-processor machine. The audio gets out of sync after 20-30 minutes and I can't play back video over my network. Both are very annoying.

Anyway... I was looking at real HDTVs. They are still fucking expensive. A 26" LCD goes for $600-800 and still has shitty blacks and does a horrible job with analog NTSC video.

What I've dreamt up is getting a used Sony GDM-FW900 24" computer monitor. This is pretty much the best computer monitor ever made. It originally retailed for over $2k and has a 16:9 24" screen. You can now get one used on ebay for about $300-500 depending on shipping and condition.

It would be as good as any broadcast HDTV monitor and would be capable of 1080p and then some. ....drool....

Did I mention that it weighs 94lbs? Yeah, CRTs are the shit. Screw that lightweight LCD crap.


Blogger Bite Me said...

CRTs do kick ass!! I need to set up my Barco Graphics 1208 projector with the rear projection soon! I don't care what anybody says, crt's still have the best picture out there. I don't care if they weigh a lot, my Barco weighs 249lbs and is worth it's weight in gold.

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