Sunday, November 25, 2007

Inferno Heat strait from HELL

Craigslist is always good for a laugh...

I can't fucking sleep. I've had off since last Thursday and I've totally flipped my days and nights. Yesterday, I eventually fell asleep at 7:30am. That was a little bit much even for me, but I was having fun working on my security server.

Nervermind about my last post. I was really hoping that something would happen. There was absolutely no chemistry. We went out for drinks and had a good conversation but it pretty much ended right there. Oh well. I really need to try out eHarmony or Trying to bump into the woman of my dreams at the local bars is fucking hopeless.

I also haven't been updating my blog recently because I've been really down. My job and all of my half-completed projects around me are really getting to me.


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