Monday, July 02, 2007


For the past month and a half I haven't gotten shit done. It seems that between my shitty job and the hot/muggy weather, the life has been sucked out of me. I should be driving my new car right now. It still doesn't even have an engine in it.

When I get home all that I see are unfinished projects. It is really frustrating. I've just been saying, "Fuck it." and letting stuff sit. I'm a procrastinator and if I don't have a deadline, I don't have any motivation to do something.

It's dumb. My bedroom is filled with shit that I should sort or throw out. My dining room/den is filled with video projectors that I need to get rid of and sell. (Yep NJ, they are still collecting dust.) Don't worry a-hole thieves that may be reading. The lightest projector is 135lbs. The newest is 12 years old. Fuck you. can see how much I like people that take shit that isn't theirs...anyway... My garage is filled with a gutted car and a crapload of parts.

I thought about making a to-do list, but I did that once. It was a good 90+ items long and after working on it for 3 years, still was never completed. I got tired of looking at it. It's probably still somewhere...

Depression is probably also a factor. I've found myself sleeping 'til 3pm on the weekends. Again, no motivation, not even to get out of bed.

I'm ignoring friends too. I should be replying to the 20 emails that are approaching a month old. If I keep this up, friends won't bother if I don't. Then I'll really get down.

There is one thing that has picked up my spirits lately, Summerfest. A crapload of live music in downtown Milwaukee for those that don't know. In one day I've already seen The Cocksmiths (awesome local band), Flyleaf, Violent Femmes, and Puddle of Mudd. I still would like to see Weird Al, the Sweet Tarts, Local H, BB King, Sevendust, Gingerjake, and Chevelle.

BTW, NJ, you should have reminded me about BOC!!! That would have been a cool show. I didn't think they were 'til later this week though. Doh!

I really should do something or sleep.


Blogger just some dude said...

My advice is not to put more than 5 things on a to do list, too many things on one can de-motivate you. When you're done with those 5 move on. As for the BOC show, it was probably while I was out of town, though I should check, if it's tonight or Friday I could probably go! Now let's get out in your garage and put in a blower motor!!

12:11 PM  
Blogger MG said...

Puddle of Mudd, I'm so freakin jealous :)

sounds like you spend more time making the "to-do" list, that's me... I'm all about making lists...

and dont listen to dude... he's got something on his list he still hasnt crossed off... ;)

hey... btw, it's me... how are u?

12:14 PM  
Blogger just some dude said...

I'm working on that list MG!! And update this thing BP! What else can I yell?! I need a beer!! MG is Fucking HOTT!! BP needs to finish his motor!! I smell tuna!! I'm going to go now!!!

7:16 AM  

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