Monday, July 30, 2007

Construction Sites Blow

Thank GOD!!! For the first time in a month and a half I'm NOT going out to a f'n construction site tomorrow. I HATE them...

You are surrounded by union assholes.
Most of the guys there are adolescent high-school retards.
-Just think of all of the stupid fucking a-holes that you went to high school with. $10 says they are now construcion workers or cops.
There is shit everywhere.
People only give a fuck about what they are doing.
There's no running water.
The porta-shitters hit about 110 in mid-afternoon.
As a non-union sub-contractor, any damage done on-site is our fault. Even if we were 300ft from the damage and would never go there.
It's incredible dusty.
You can't keep anything valuable there over night.
You have to haul all of your tools in and out every FUCKING day.
When bringing in any piece of AV gear, you will always hear, "You can put that in the back of my truck, heh, heh." Jeez, I haven't heard that 100,000 times before fucktard.
The electricians NEVER put the boxes or conduits where they are supposed to be.
I don't think most electricians can read a print or own a level.
No, I'm not a "Cable guy" or "TV guy" you fucking idiot.
The elevators are never "working" because that would require the GC to pay a guy to run it. Thanks again unions!
The fire alarms like to go off for three days straight while testing. Good Lord!!! Seriously, how long does it take to have one guy walk around the building and see that they are all working?!? My ears are still ringing.
Nobody leaves your ladders alone.
The cleaning crew NEVER speaks english. Whodathunkit.
The electricians NEVER have any working outlets within 100ft of where I need to work.
IT NOT A FUCKING CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT"S A V.I.D.E.O P.R.O.J.E.C.T.O.R!!!!
Light comes out of a projector but is captured by a camera you dumbass.
No I won't put those speakers in the back of your truck.
Sure, go ahead and steal them. 70 volt speakers will sound GREAT hooked to your $50 receiver.
No it's not fucking surround sound. They are MONO ceiling speakers. All voice is mono genius.

And my favorite today...
Oh you're paving the entire parking lot today and I have to carry my tools and $5k worth of equipment 1.5 miles. Brilliant!

...just a little venting...


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