Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Very tempting

On the technology topic...

I got a catalog from TigerDirect yesterday. On the back they had a full page ad for a Sprint Data Card. It's $25 after rebate. Supposedly it also offers 3.1Mbps downloads and 1.8Mbps uploads. (For the not-so-geeky, a Data Card is essentially a special cell phone that just lets you browse the internet from anywhere.)

The part of the whole deal that I really can't justify is the $60/month data package. If it was truly 3.1Mbps, maybe. I checked Sprint's website and they only currently offer 600kbps to 1.4Mbps downloads.

They whole reason that I'm considering this is that I LOVE internet radio. I've tried XM satellite radio and it's OK. The variety stil isn't there and it doesn't work inside buildings. Normal Milwaukee radio is also a joke. It's all the same repeated old shit.

If it was truely 3.1Mbps, then I could get rid of my DSL modem (currently 3Mbps) And have my roommate chip in $15/month for the cell modem.

It would just be soo incredibly awesome to listen to internet radio in my car or on the jobsite. i also already have a mini-ATX mobo just sitting around that I could throw in my car. Hmmm...

Here's what I'm talking about:

$720+ a year is really hard to justify.... But it would kick soo much ass!!!


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