Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sarah Rose

Dammit! Even her name is sexy...

OK, so I've been drooling over this hottie for a while now. She works at the kinda-local bar that I like to frequent. The first time that I saw her she was working the lanes (it is also a bowling alley). She had incredible shoulder length blond hair and was wearing this hot blue dress. ...not your norm for someone working at a bowling alley. I was kind of thrown wonder what was up with her. I bowled a few games and then we decided to leave. As we are leaving I notice her cleaning up right by the door. I check her out, she gives me a little smile and I smile back. I wrote if off as being a fluke. I figured that some young hotties are nice and will smile at a fat guy once in a while.

A couple of weeks later I'm back at the bar. My roomate goes, "Hey isn't that the hottie that you were talking about?" I look and ask who. She had cut her hair much shorter, died it black and was wearing some baggy jeans and a loose polo shirt. WTF?!? I took a double take and sure enough, it was her. ..I didn't see her after that that evening.

All of the above was months ago.

Jump to just a few weeks ago... I'm sitting shooting pool and out of nowhere she goes walking by. Tight jeans showing off a great ass and a nicely fitting polo. WOW! She's gone. Back into the depths of the bar/alley.

Later that evening she makes her rounds cleaning up. I notice her, she looks up and gives me a little smile.

I'M AN IDIOT. I've said that many time in the past when it comes to women. I didn't make a move. I'M AN IDIOT. She walks right to my table and picks up some glasses. My mine goes blank. All I do is smile. I'M AND IDIOT. Why didn't/couldn't I spit something somewhat intelligent out?!?!?!?

I'm back at the bar last Friday. While I'm shooting pool, from behind, she walks right by. I check out her sweet buns yet again. When I go to hand my roommate the cue he says,"She was checking you out!" I kind of laugh. A little while later, I'm up at the bar buying drinks, I look up at the bowling desk and see her checking me out (half-hidden behind some crap). I've seen her do this in the past.

OK, I figure that I'm an idiot for waiting this long, but I've gotta ask. Later I see her across the bar cleaning some tables and heading my direction. I take off and walk right up to her...

ME: "Excuse me."
(She looks up with this little smirk.)
ME: "What's your name?"
HER: "Sarah Rose."
(She says it while she turns and moves to the next table.)
HER: "Sarah Rose"
(She smiles and keeps moving.)
ME: "Hi, I'm Ben."
HER: (with a smirk) "Hi Ben."
(She moves onto the next table.)
ME: (kind of laughing) "You're killing me!"
(She goes and sets her tray on the table. I put my arm on the dirty table and my hand on the tray.)
ME: "I think you're really cute, and I've being to ask for quite a while now...would you like to go out sometime?"
HER: (She smiles) "Well my boyfriend wouldn't like that."

I can't remember what I said exactly said next but it was something like, "Damn! I should have know that all of the beautiful women are taken."

I retreated to my table to which she arrive to clean moments later. She had a smile/smirk the whole time while I was attempting to come up with something funny after just being shut down.

This all makes me wonder though... If I had asked her out months ago, would she have said yes? Did she have a boyfriend then? Does she really have one now? Is she just messing with me to play hard to get?

The stupid thing is that ever since she told me her name, I can't stop thinking about her. It's such a sexy name too...

Well, I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm going back tomorrow. ;)

WOW, that was a long post. Probably insanely boring to anyone but me. It's be more interesting if i had a picture. I swear!


Blogger just some dude said...

It's better to get shot down than to never try! Damn good work my man! Just because she has a boyfriend now doesn't mean that she always will, and now she knows you're interested.

11:32 AM  

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