Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stuck in my head.

I woke up this morning with the "Laverne and Shirley" theme song stuck in my head. WTF!?! Something that I probably haven't heard in 15 years and BAM...goin' to do it our way..doo dee doo doo...AHHH!!!!! Make it stop!

To make matters worse, when I got into work, I told NJ about the stupid song in my head, AND HE DOWNLOADS IT! Friggin douche bag!!

Side note... Anyone know where I can get turkey, stuffing, and gravy at 10pm? I didn't eat any dinner and am now starving. Wendy's it is!

Uh oh. I just got a call from a roommate. He's having problems with his shiny new server. I'm gonna go and try to bail him out. Hopefully I'll get to sleep before Wednesday. Ya gotta love computers!


Blogger Bry said...

"Laverne and Shirley"? What's that? He he he....j/k I think I saw a re-run once.

1:35 PM  
Blogger BP said...

LOL! Yeah, I think they ran re-runs of it longer in Milwaukee just because it was supposedly based here.

I also think that they stopped making it when I was about 5.

Why I had it stuck in my head...no idea.

4:34 PM  

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