Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brunettes are yummy.

Tonight was freakin' awesome. NIN was incredible. There were cuties everywhere. Ladies, the white tank top with a black bra...ohhh sooo good. Ummm, yeah it's 3am and I'm friggin drunk. My ears are ringing. I lost at pool. BUT, I did see a face that I haven't seen in a while. No, not the barely 18 (now barely 21) brunette cutie. It was M. Just picture Trinity from the Matrix. Now picture Trinity with a hotter body, and great breasts. That's M.

I was at some Isish bar on a couple blocks from the Rave. I ran into this cool guy, who was the only one who complemented me on my Danko T-shirt (I wore it to the NIN concert). The dude is insane. Like a foot shorter than me. Sopmehow he knows my Roomate's sister's boyfriend. He comes up to me and is all like, "Danko, fuck yeah!!!!!" I could only agree. He asks me if I heard the new album. I said no and that it's not supposed to be out for another couplde months. He goes on to tell me that he has it and he can rip me a copy. How f'n cool is that?!? I just have to remind my roommate's sister to remind him. Anywho...

After talking to the danko lovin' dude, I get settled in and enjoy my Jackn'Coke. I'm relaxin in the corner and in walks M. Oh my friggin God. She is wearing this leather top that is showing everything off. Absolutley amazing. She is normally shrouded in a long black trenchcoat ala Trinity. Tonight, not at all. She also isn't with her her dipshit rocker boyfrind. Very surprizing. She comes over and give me a nice big hug, we talk about random crap, and she goes over adn entertains her friends that were already at the bar.

I end up going and shooting pool. The time ticks by without me noticing. All of a sudden there is M. She's leaving. fuck. She comes over gives me another hug. looks me in the eyes and asks me if i going to visit her at the B(the bar sheworks at regularly). I promised I would. She left. So here I sit typing away about how I let another hopttie slip away. but the invitation is still there. And she wasn't with her boyfrind, which is very interesting. But anywho...

NJ it's afreaking Trifecta!!! A turkey!!! A hat-trick!!! Three blog posts ina row!

I'm gonna look at prOn now. Mmmmmmm....M.

(This post has been edited to protect names and places.)


Blogger NJ said...

Your weekend kicked ass, and I just got really drunk. :-)

11:11 PM  
Blogger MG said...

hey, bp, it' sfeb 19, you need a fucking new post man....

sorry too much tequila tonight and not enough fix... passing the time reading blogs i dont usually read....and just felt like i need to tell you you need a new post.

and....i like having your friend above me, but hey, u alreayd know that...


so tomorrow, i wanna see a post fr4om u ok?

9:25 PM  
Blogger BP said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! Drunken blogging kicks ass.

Thanks MG!

10:16 PM  

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