Saturday, February 18, 2006

I won Powerball!!!

Woohoo!!! I won 365, um...$32. LOL! Hey it's still $22 more than I had when I woke up. ;) (I spent $10 on the ticket.) I'm also a firm believer in the powerplay option. Your chances of winning a partial jackpot are MUCH greater than winning the whole thing. Without the powerplay, I would have only won $8.

It'd be nice to win a few thousand bucks. Pay off my credit card, put a nice big downpayment on a new car. Ahhhhhh.

I think that winning the jackpot would be a nightmare. People kidnapping family members, trying to sue you for anything and everything. Nah. At the most, the $200k jackpot would be incredible. That would be, what, $125k after taxes? Spend $25k and stick the other $100k in savings. In 10 years at 6.5% it's be worth $200k. By the time I'd be ready to retire, it would be up to $600k. Yeah, that would be really nice.

It's fun to dream. ;)


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