Thursday, May 18, 2006

Couch Spud.


The last two days have consisted of sleeping, rocking, drinking, and watching TV. An update...

The lovely place that I used to work at has a policy. As soon as you submit your two-week notice, you are promptly escorted out the door. Nice, huh? This seems very petty to me. You really trust people soo little that you just kick them out? That's just plain sad. So now I have a nice vacation.

Since being kicked out I've seen Taproot, got drunk, slept, watched TV, went to a B-Day Party, got drunk, slept, watched more TV, and now I'm typing this. Oh yeah, and I cleaned a little. ;)

I really need to do some more productive things. My bike has needed to be repaired for months and my apartment is a friggin' disaster area. I'll get right on that after I watch Conan and sleep. LOL!

I've also gotta apologize for not commenting lately. I changed my email addy but I forget to update it in blogger. Ooops. It's all fixified now.

BTW, I also just saw the Lost hottie doing pushups on Leno. Damn she is fine. Long brown hair, blue eyes, cute smile, hot body, and she works on her own car. I want.


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