Monday, May 08, 2006

Not dead.

It seems like over the past two months, I've been injured, sick, injured, and sick. And my allergies have kicked in. Not fun.

There is a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. I've received a possible job offer. I'm going in tomorrow afternoon for an interview. It is going to be weird because I would be working with people that I already had in the past.

Sidebar: The company that I started working for in the fall of '99 got bought out by a huge bullshit company in '01. The huge bullshit company bought out all of our competitors and merged them into one company. They then did tons of shady crap and went out of business. I was let go along with many of my friends. Only a skeleton crew was kept on hand. Another company swooped in and bought what was left. Anywho...

Now the company that bought the old company that I worked for wants me back. I know everybody that works there with the exception of two people. I have known them for almost 7 years now. It will be weird going back. (That's if I do actually get offered a job at a decent wage, and I choose to go back. ;))

Hopefully I will be able to retain my seniority and get a healthy raise. And get this... It is barely 4 miles one way. I could hop in my car and walk in the front door at work barely 10 minutes later. That would be nice.


Blogger MG said...

But, what will they do without you?

12:57 PM  

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