Sunday, May 14, 2006

There's no I in team, but there is in QUIT.

I accepted a new job on Thursday afternoon. They offered me more money and the new place is doing MUCH better than the current place that I'm working at.

My decision was actually pretty easy after hearing (from the owner of the company) that I should be a CAN DO person, not a CAN'T DON'T. (What ever the fuck that means.) This was after hearing that I wasn't part of the XYZ family a month earlier. My manager is putting words in my mouth when talking DIRECTLY to the owner of the company. I won't tolerate that. I also heard from a co-worker that our credit cards had been turned down. (Our moron accountant hasn't collected any credit card receipts from me in three months, now I know why.) We also haven't had any significant sales in the install department in the last 8 months. AND our rental department has been painfully slow the last few months. (It should be their busy season.)

I don't know how it is in other states, but in WI your employer can terminate you anytime that they wish, and you can quit without notice. I'm thinking about telling my current employer tomorrow that my last day will be the 25th. Not quite two weeks notice, but still a decent gesture. I'd like to take care of some loose ends before telling them. I have a TON of personal stuff at work. If I tell them that I'm leaving and then they turn around a tell me to get the F out, I won't have a chance to get everything out. That would kinda suck. I know that BM could help me out, but I have ALOT of stuff there. I don't want to get into any kind of dispute as to what stuff is actually mine. ....argh....

I've also been thinking about how I'm going to word my response to the "But why?" question. I want to just tell the sales guys and my manager that it's because they are fucking assholes. But I also want to just tear into them. OR I could just stay quiet and say "just because."

The sales guys are pricks that listen to no one. They sell garbage equipment and expect BM and I to polish their turd of a sale. They also never admit when they are wrong. They just like to make up some BS and blame it on BM and I. The list goes on and on.

As for my manager, he's a pathological liar. To add to that wonderful attribute, I've worked with teenagers that have a better work ethic. It's amazing how lazy that someone becomes when they have had everything handed to them on a silver platter. The guy sits in the office and DOES NOTHING when BM and I are out in the field. He doesn't check to see if our supplies are low. He doesn't call the customers the day before to see if the site is ready. He doesn't check to see if the equipment is in. He doesn't check to see if we have a fucking contact name, phone number, or even a fucking address!!!! How lazy and inconsiderate can you be?!? And he's MY manager?!?

My friend from GA, don't worry about BM. Hopefully, if things work out, he will be coming with me. If not, I'm sure that the hellhole will at least give him a huge raise and listen to him after I've jumped ship. I doubt that they are going to see this one coming.

This next couple of weeks will be interesting.


Blogger MG said...

you should feel much better after that post...
and most definitely TELL THEM why you are leaving.

hey... if you need a vacation, you could kidnap your friend and head south.

...just sayin...

4:57 PM  

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