Thursday, February 28, 2008

Global Warming my ass!!!

Normally I love the cold. I am also a big fan of snow. Driving in it is fun and it makes everything outside beautiful at times.

This winter has just been too much. It'll be March on Saturday and the extended forecast shows below freezing weather all next week. WTF!?! I wanted to have my car completed by the middle of May. I should have been able to work on it all this month. Not with this shitty weather. Also, I have been driving my'96 MTX which is in dire need of work. The swaybar endlinks are shot, the rear bushings need to by lubed, and the tranny linkage and lube need to be replaced. All shitty under car jobs. Fuck!

I also want to start riding my bike again. It's really the only type of exercise that I enjoy besides swimming. It just aint happening. The roads in WI are all covered with a good 2" thick layer of rock hard snow/ice/sand mixture. I have road tires on my bike, and even with normal mountain bike tires, it still would be a bad idea.

I'm really starting to get cabin fever.



Blogger just some dude said...

Come on dudeman, let's get that thing running right!! By that time the trails will be thawed out.

11:18 AM  

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