Monday, January 19, 2009

F*ck me boots

OK, I don't know what the hell that L's deal is but... I get into work this morning. I'm feeling like complete shit because I tweaked my back late last week. I'm working my way through days of emails and notes from everyone since I was out. I her a cute voice ask a question behind me, I turn around and there is L. Wearing a tight maroon top showing off her great tits, and tight black skirt showing off her unbelievable booty, and to top it all off FUCK ME BOOTS!!! If you don't know what fuck me boots are, here is an example...

I mean come on!!!! What the fuck!?! Does she really not realize how friggin hot that she is? Does she feel the need to torture me and every other guy in the building?!?

Her skirt and hair were HOTTER than the pic above. This was the hottest that I've ever seen her. Even at bars and parties. WTF?!?

I really wonder what my expression was when I looked at her. I seriously could barely think. It mush have been like a guy stuck in the desert for a week looking at a ice cold pitcher of water.

I tell ya, it's only a matter of time before I get caught checking her out.


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