Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I really need a GF

OK so I'm doing a bunch of research at work today. I'm looking for a timeclock that can also control an electronic door latch. Anyway...

I'm browsing through all of these stupid catalogs. One that I'm looking through is a complete joke. Horribly translated Spanglish. Then I come across this picture...

Just some model showing off a card access time clock...but LOOK AT THAT BODY. WOW! Perfectly toned and fit. Awesome breasts with the bra strap kind of hanging down. And look at those legs and ass! Do you see any underwear under those almost translucent white pants? I don't. Maybe some fucking hot thong.

I know that I shouldn't get that worked up over some stupid photo in a dumb catalog...

I really need a cute girlfriend.


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