Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Absolutely helpless

WOW, almost a whole year since my last post LOL! Too darn busy. Anywho...

This gets chalked up to I NEED A GIRLFRIEND yet again.

So at work today I'm helping out a coworker. She is very cute, newley married, and gives Pam Anderson a run for the money. I'm showing her how to use this piece of software. She's sitting down, I'm standing next to/over her. I was talking to her for a few minutes then. WOW>>>>

I mean I wasn't trying to sneak a peek or anything. I swear. Just all of a sudden I'm looking at some of the most perfect cleavage. I swear it was pure instinct/urge/whatever you want to friggin call it. Keep in mind that the view was 10x better than above. Tight low cut red shirt, perfect separation, perfect curves...

So then I'm freaked out. Holy crap! Did she notice? Did anyone else see me? ...sooo friggin amazing... I'm all flustered trying not to look anywhere near her amazing, incredibley perfect, mammoth mammories.

...What a problem to have at work. ;)


Blogger just some dude said...

Yeah, I work with all dudes. Though I do get to go to other people's offices and check out their womens. Yes I meant to put an "s" on the end of women. Womens just sounds better!!

2:34 PM  

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