Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hat Trick...Three in a row...

Here's some fun stuff. Have you heard how they want to put those scanners in all of the airports. check this out...

The top half of the image is what the TSA is showing as the output the the operator sees. If you do a simple inversion of the picture, you get what you see in the bottom half. Isn't technology great? Ummm Miss, we didn't notice any weapons, but isn't it time to get that landing strip touched up? Getting kinda rough down there.

COME ON!!!!!!!! Why spend tons of cash on the scanners? Just have people fucking strip! It's the same damn thing!!! And it's free!!!!!!!!!

BTW, I was talking to one of the engineers at work and the pics aren't an exaggeration. They use essentially a special type of radar that is tuned to the density of human flesh. That's why you see metallic/plastic objects as opaque and clothes as only a faint ghost. It's combined with body heat to get more detail.


Blogger duff said...

so.....would painting oneself with heavy amounts of latex be enough to obscure the view?

(found you through just some dude...)

2:59 PM  
Blogger BP said...

Hi duff! I haven't checked out your blog in forever. Leave it to JSD to bring everyone together. LOL!

While heavy amounts of latex would be wouldn't obscure the view. ;)

Now if the latex had enough gold or silver in it, you might be into something.

12:16 AM  

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