Sunday, March 06, 2005


I've just spent the last 2 1/2 days working on my car. I wouldn't say that I'm totally exhausted but tired and in pain begins to sum it up.

What I thought was going to be a leisurely Friday night/Saturday project is turning into a week long PITA. It seemed easy, just unscrew the intake, put the new gasket on, unbolt the alternator, bolt the new one on. Noooooooooo....

Step 13 from the Ford service manual:

13. NOTE: The intake manifold can be removed without the removal of the generator and generator mounting bracket, but with some difficulty.

LIAR!!!! There is no way IN HELL to get the friggin manifold off without taking a ton of crap apart. If I ever run into the guy that wrote that, this is how the conversation would go:

"Excuse me sir but I need to shove this pineapple where the sun doesn't shine. ...what's that? Oh don't worry, it can be done, but with some difficulty."

I have now removed the throttle body, fuel rail, passenger side motor mount, alternator, egr pipe, rear accessory mounting bracket, and the upper rear motor mount.

Keep in mind that most of the above was bolted on 9 years ago and has been rusting away ever since. Fun, huh?

Ahhhh... It's amazing how a nice rant can make you feel better.

Excuse me while I go pass out.


Blogger NJ said...

*In an Australian accent* They should all be destroyed! Damn cars!

8:25 AM  

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