Thursday, October 03, 2013

Concrete Shake

No, not what happens when a West Allis chick walks down the road...  :D

How soon will it be until Culvers doesn't have a flavor of the day and has every flavor every day?  You can go to Culvers and get a concrete shake with anything that you want instantly making your own flavor of the day.  It's not quite perfect though...too thin.  It's a shake.  I guess it'd be the same thing as that cold stone creamery place.  But still.

How long is it going to take the automotive manufacturers to make a hybrid pickup?  "HYBRID PICKUP?!?", you may say but hear me out....  What do most contractors, people that go camping, and people that don't have a generator want?  A generator.  LOL!  What is a hybrid car other than a 100kW generator woth a 10kW battery pack.  Heck it would even do 120/240V and even 3 phase without to much effort.  What is perfect about a passenger car?  It is almost silent and has a huge portable gasoline reservoir.  With cylinder deactivation, you could make it almost run forever.  Heck, it doesn't even need to be a pickup.  If I could use my Fusion Energie to backfeed my house in a blackout???  Heck yeah!!!

I almost bought a GNC car a couple weks ago.  Why?  $1.79 a gallon AND FALLING!!!  And all of the natural gas is sourced in North America.  Middle East is on fire?  Who cares.  The awesome thing is that the Quick Trip stations in WI are adding natural gas pumps.  But I ended up finding out that the car that I was looking at had an illegal CNG conversion...Doh!  Then I started thinking about doing my own illegal conversion...LOL.  It's so dumb.  you can buy all of the parts that you need online for about $3-5k.  But if you go to a certified installer, the same thing costs $12k.  Argh.  Aggrivating.  I understand that dealing with 3600psi natural gas is a huge safety concern and mounting very heavy pressure vessels must be done with the utmost care...but it's all very dooable.  This is one of those times that I wish I was independently wealthy.  Then I could start up my own shop doing small fleet conversions for small businesses for half the cost of the other d-bags screwing people for double the cost.  BTW, it ws a 2007 Ford Focus.  That would have been nice.  But almost all of the "certified" CNG vehicles are commercial vehicles which means larve vans ans pickups.  I did look at a Chevy 3500 van but if it only get 15MPG on CNG, paying $1.79 a gallon is the same as a 30MPG car that costs $3.60 a gallon.

BTW, I find it funny that I post soo little that only a few post down from this was the last time that the government shut down.  I don;t know about you but I'm praying that the GOP has a strong enough spine to hold out until Barry snaps.  Get the 1 year delay for individuals on Obamacare so that people will wake up for the 2014 elections after realizing what a nightmare that it is.

BTW#2, a correction for one of my other posts.  Obamacare originally had a rule in it that spending over $600 on any one business would require you to fill out a 1099Q.  It wasn't just on precious metals.  Spend over $600 at the grocery store?  1099Q.  Spend over $600 in one year at you corner gas station.  1099Q.  Buy a used lawn tarctor off of a neighbor.  1099Q.  Thank God that got repealed.


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