Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Warm up already!!

I tend to become a lazy mofo when it is cold/gray/rainy outside. I haven't done jack squat to my car except for kinda installing an XM receiver a few weeks ago. The only day that it was warm last week, I was stuck in bed. Doh!

Both the Contour club and the Focus club that I'm in are talking about having a meet. (everyone shows up and shows off cool stuff that they've done to their car) Right now my 'tour is in very sad shape. My rear seat conversion is half done because I still need to modify my fuel wooden trunk floor isn't done because it's too cold for the glue to stereo isn't in because my wooden trunk floor isn't done...I can't play with my shiny new tuning software until I fix my fuel pump and mount my IAT sensor...I need to replace my alternator because the "high capacity" one that I got is a piece of shit...I can't completely wire up my XM receiver until I run new wires to the trunk which is a royal pain in the ass

I should really make a to-do list.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I want a girl.

Somebody that looks forward to seeing and talking to me. Someone that is soft and smells good. I want to hear a sexy voice from time to time. I haven't had that since college waaay too long ago. ...sigh...

Being lonely blows.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Death Penalty = YES

My roomate's co-worker's cousin was found dead last October. Her body was burned in a garbage pit to try and hide the murder. The evidence to get the scumbag convicted finally surfaced tonight. The worthless piece of crap used his nephew to kill her. He doesn't deserve to live.

I'm really tired....more on this later.