Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Opinions are like a-holes...

everbody's got one.

In response to the comments on my last post: Why do people feel the need to give other's crap on their blogs? I don't want to hear it. Don't say anything unless you have some constructive, positive, or funny input. I don't care about your opinion. You are most likely some whiney hippy yuppie fag anyway. Making snide remarks just because of the safety a computer screen provides is just plain sad. Go away. Move on. Hit the "Next Blog>>" button instead of the comment button. Or just plain FUCK OFF.

I don't leave negative comments on other's blogs. I expect the same.

Just because you can leave a comment doesn't mean you should.

Ask yourself before clicking on the comment button. Would I say this to the face of a 6' tall 250lb guy? I'm guessing not.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fucking with assholes is fun!

Ahhhh... I love to fuck with a-hole drivers. OMG! It is awesome!!!

Especially when they are driving a fancy new expensive import. ;)

OK so just now I'm driving over to my parent's house. I stop at a stoplight with me in the front row and a noisy pickup next to me. A shiny new Volvo S60 pulls up behind me. The pickup floors it off the light. He has NO exhaust. I mean INSANELY loud. I figure screw it and let him speed ahead. I got up to 45 in a normal amount of time with the pickup just ahead of me in the other lane. (BTW, it's 35 here, so I'm still going pretty quick.) I look in my rear view and see the Volvo right on my ass. No sooner do I look up that he guns it and jumps into the next lane to try and pass me. What do I do? LOL! Floor it and box him in behind the pickup of course! Sucker! I kept him boxed in for a half mile or so until the pickup had to turn. When the pickup slowed down to turn, the Volvo jumped back on my ass. Inches off my ass. What do I do? Tap my brakes! ROTFLMAO!!! I hear the a-holes tires chirp as he locks them up. Bwahahahaha!! He then proceeds to floor it and cut around me. I give him a nice miss america wave as he sped by. HOL-E-CRAP does that piss off a-holes. When he cut in front of me, I sped up to keep pace. Now here's where it gets fun...

My car is worth all of $500 and it looks like it. What makes my car special is that it's a sleeper. I have an insanely good imported BAT suspension and Brembro brake rotors with Mintex high performance pads. I can take corners and stop like you wouldn't believe. This guy doesn't realize what he has done. {{insert evil laugh}}

So now with the guy in front of me he jacks his brakes. LOL! I can stop in half the time that his heavy luxury sedan can. I tap my brakes with no squeal at all and then speed back up. I throw up my arms like, "That's all you got!" The guy proceeds to flip me off. LOL! What he doesn't realize is that we are coming up on a red light QUICK. He hits his brakes and we both come to a stop at the light with me practically touching his rear bumper. The light turns green and he sits there. Like I'm actually going to go around him. Fuck no! We sit there for a good twenty seconds until I yell out my window, "I got all the time in the world buddy!" By this time the guy is furious. He flips me off again and drives off. All with me inches off his bumper. I follow him around for a mile or so until I need to turn to go to my parent's house. As soon as I go to turn he goes shooting into the opposite turn lane and speed off. LOL!

I hope I scared that prick real good.

To all of the a-hole drivers out there. Don't fuck with people! You'll get somebody like me that will fuck with you back THEN follow you home.

LOL! Friggin idiot!

That really made my day. ;)