Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's the point?

I had my "performance review" yesterday at work. I was told that I was doing really good. But...

The company only gives out raises when you change positions. The only raise that you might get is a cost of living adjustment but that's not until October.

My manager then went on to say that I would be training on a few different things. I asked him if after gaining the new skills and certifications, if I would be up for a position or title change. No.

Well what the fuck? The last place that pulled this on me, I quit two weeks after my review. What's the point in a pointless job? I really don't want to get fired, but I really need to go and talk to my manager. What's my incentive for going out and learning all of this stuff on my own time if I'm not rewarded for it?

I don't meant to sound like a money grubbing a-hole, but I also don't want to be a sucker. My only reason to stay would be if the eventual change in position 3+ years down the road, brought a 25% raise. I severely doubt that will ever happen.

I guess that I'm just going to keep collecting my paycheck doing something that I could do blindfolded. I can go to school at night, read whatever books that I need to, and train myself for a change in industry. I'm guessing that in two years, I could get a position in the IT field making 30-40% more than I am at this dead-end job.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Vacation

WOW, it's only 9:15 and I have no desire to go to sleep or work at all tomorrow. I'd like to have a President come in and invoke a 6 week minimum vacation policy. I was talking to this old lady at Ace Hardware the other day. Looked like she was pushing 80. She said how she is old tired and has all of this free time. She also said how the "kids" like me should have the time off. Hell yeah!!!

I can't imagine how much less life would suck if I could take off a crapload this time of year. Right now I have a measly 10 days. I already burned up half off it because i fucked up my back early this year. It's be great to have the time to travel and work on all of my projects. When I get home from work I don't feel like doing shit. By the time that I'm done unwinding from the week on Saturday, half of my weekend is already gone.

I don't know about the rest of you but this three-day weekend was pretty damn perfect. Saturday was kinda rainy but Sunday and today were 75 and partly gorgeous.

I think it time to turn on some tunes, crack open a beer, and enjoy the evening wrenching on my cars. ;)

BTW, I also found out that my "totalled" car only needed $2 worth of parts to get it back in perfect running order. the only thing that broke in the collision was my power steering cooler. One foot of 3/8" tubing, two hose clamps and it's all better. It's missing a bumper, the headlights point every which-way, and the hood is a bit bumpy, but it will probably still run for another 100,000 miles. Anyone want a car that nobody will steal but gets 30+MPG?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cheeseburgers or Pussy

I've eaten plenty of the latter but barely any of the former.

This has been pent up for days and I've got to get it out...

I've hit a point in my life where I need to get my shit together. Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror. I've never been happy. I hate being fat. It's always in the back of my mind. This really kills any kind of confidence when going out. I always think, "Wow, she is friggin' gorgeous, but WAY too hot for me." 99.1% of the time I make no attempt whatsoever to even talk to the hottie in question.

I really fucked up this last Saturday. They say that hindsight is 20/20 ad I've been beating myself up over what happened ever since. I went to a friend's b-day party at a bar that I've never been to before. It was a pretty large place with a diverse crowd. My roomate J and I were shooting pool. There were a few very hot women wandering around. Two that really stood out. One was a short-hiared brunette with an incredible body. About my height with an incredibly cute face and sexy smile. She was with a group of three other women. The three surrounded her and she had her back up against the bar. I kept commenting to J about how f'n hot that she looked. He says that I should go talk to her. I said "Yeah, right" and made no attempt. A minute later she lit up so it didn't really matter anyway. I can't stand smoke and the idea of kissing an ashtray is not appealing no matter how hot the hottie.

The other hottie that was walking around could have been Eva Longoria's much hotter younger sister. I'm guessing 23 or 24, long black hair, gorgeous face, incredible ass in these unbelievable jeans, and she must have been a d-cup with this tight top that couldn't have made them look better. She was also there with three other women. She caught my eye while she was walking around a couple/few times. They were all sitting at the bar chatting away. Again, I didn't even think of trying to talk to her. Incredibly hot combined with the multiple-female-friend shield is extremely intimidating.

I shot some more pool and then sat down and was talking with the b-day group. Jen was messing around with her gifts and had gotten this goofy card. It was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles card and it had this mask inside of it. There was some assembly required. Jen ask J and I to put it together. It was not going well. The mask had "glasses" and two arms that attached to the glasses so that you could put it on your head. While J was trying to rip one of the arms out of this card, he tore it and pretty much destroyed it. He decided to go to the bar and ask for some tape. He handed me the card and I tried to remove the mask from the card. (It was one of those rip-along-the-dotted-scored-lines kinda things.) I got the mask out but then you had to poke out the eyes so that you could see. I ripped one side and found that I also needed tape. I wandered up to the bar. This is where I wish someone was video taping me so that I could see what actually happened...

My roomate was up at the bar next to where Young Eva and her friends where sitting. They were gone and I didn't think much of it. While I'm standing there, Young Eva comes over and sits down right next to me and asks what I'm doing. I explain and she grabs the mask out of my hands. She proceeds to pop out the mask eye with her nails in no time. I said something about being a guy and having no nails. I show her my hand and next thing I know I've got my arm around her. I joked about something and then friggin froze. I realize that I've got my arm around this goddess...she likes it...she's smiling...and my mind went blank. I COULDN'T THINK OF ANYTHING TO SAY. What's your name? What do you think of the band? Come here often? ANYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD. Jen yells over asking about the mask. I say something goofy to Young Eva, we laugh, and then I retreat back to the b-day group. Jen says that she wants to move to the next bar and every body starts to leave.

I have my own car. There are plenty of people that drove. J could have jumped in someone else's car. I could have stayed and talked to the fucking goddess more. I end up walking out with the group still in a daze and leave the hottie at the bar by her self. Sometimes I really wonder if I'm retarded.

I have been thinking about it and this is kind of a good thing. I know that I beat myself up a little too much about my weight. But if this goddess was still interested, I can't be that bad off. Also, I know what I've got to do when in the same situation. JUST FUCKING SAY SOMETHING YOU IDIOT!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Save Internet Radio!!!

I may become and even unhappier young man on May 15th. The RIAA and the government want to impose insane fees on internet radio broadcasters. That means that the current 5000+ stations out there will probably drop to 50 or less....if not kill it all together. Please check out this site...

The RIAA just doesn't get it. How are we supposed to hear new music when the local stations DON'T PLAY ANY?!?! I've probably bought 95% of my music in the last year because of hearing it on internet radio.

They are really pissed because there are programs out there that let your rip the station's to individual MP3s. You may want to let a friend listen to an awesome song that you heard. God Forbid! I mean that might generate music sales. ...friggin idiots...

If you don't listen to internet radio, give it a try, you may just hear something that you like. My favorite stations...

Rock'One - Paris - Rock/Alternative

Radio Wazee - Rock/Alternative

Chronix Aggression - Rock/Metal

Radio Paradise - Alternative

Creamy Radio - Alternative

BeatBlender by SomaFM - Techno

Groove Salad by SomaFM - Techno

Digital Gunfire - Techno/Industrial

RantRadio Punk

RantRadio Industrial

Radio That Doesn't Suck - Rock/Metal

Fiksz Radio - Rock - Whole Albums and B-Sides - Stuff you NEVER hear

If the stations don't play for you, download Winamp. Just get the Lite version.

To see what is playing in a nice window, right-click on the main window and select "Playlist Editor."